The conventional path suggested to most people is graduate high school, go to college, and enter the workforce. I followed a vastly different path. I dropped out of high school. I worked as a driver for an escort service for awhile before inspecting cloth in a textile plant. When the industry for cloth disappeared from America, I joined the Army. I expanded my horizons by becoming an imagery analyst. Then I spent 10 years in DC working with spies. At that point, I felt like it was time to go to college and tapped into my GI Bill to make that happen.

Now I live and work in the Raleigh area as a Software Engineer, and I’m really excited about the future of software. I’d like to think that somewhere in that sordid history I was able to carve out a fairly unique worldview, which I can bring to bear on software development.

I’m passionate about software quality, development practices, programming craftsmanship, and technical leadership. I hope to use this blog as a platform for exploring these topics more in depth. I want to be the best developer I am capable of becoming. I’m not here to pretend I’ve got it all figured out (or even much of it figured out). I’ll probably make mistakes and screw things up. I think it’s better to be honest about who we are. I’d love to invite you to join me in flaunting convention, writing a lot of bad software to see how we can write good software, and to screw things up with me.

Disclaimer: The opinions and thoughts expressed in this blog are my own, and do not represent the views or opinions of my employer.



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